When I first came to Pendano Fitness, I had one goal in mind: to make a quality select soccer team. I was in seventh grade, playing on a select C team, and wanted to take that next step up. From the moment I walked into the gym, I knew I liked being there. Jon made me feel comfortable and excited to start working out, because I had never been in a formal training environment before. I worked with Jon three days a week, and immediately noticed a difference in my soccer. I got stronger, faster, more agile, and was able to control my body more. I loved the work, and how much I was learning. At the end of four months, I tried out for two soccer teams, making both of them. I decided to stick with my own club, jumping from the C team to the A team. It was a dream come true, and Pendano Fitness made it happen for me.

- Laurel Buck


I have been doing the Women's Boot Camp class for about 4 years now and I love it! Jon is an excellent trainer. The workouts change every day making every class fun and interesting. Because of this class I am stronger, more flexible, I have better balance and most importantly working out has become fun. It's great working out with other women who have similar fitness goals and I look forward to working out with them each time. Jon is always willing to modify the workout for me if I have an injury so that I am able to continue to get benefit out of the workout while recovering. Jon's extensive knowledge of the body and fitness enables him to provide guidance on exercises and stretches to assist in the recovery process. I have benefited from this greatly. Jon genuinely cares about the health and well-being of his clients and I highly recommend Pendano Fitness!

- Michelle Pudas

I want to take a moment and share our sincere thanks. Ryan has made incredible progress in the last 8 months in large part to the coaching from you. We are on our way to the Junior Football National Championship game in San Antonio.

- Tina Taylor

I've been working with Jon Pendano since he started his businesses over 5 years ago. I joined his women's "Boot Camp" class, which combines cardio and strength training to maximize overall conditioning, muscle strength, and flexibility. I had always worked out on my own, but was ready to join a group to make it more social and to push myself harder. What I found was a great group of ladies that prioritize their health, like me. Sure, we want to look better, but we also want to build and maintain a healthier body by strengthening our muscles to combat bone disease and increase our endurance for cardiovascular health. We've stayed with Jon all these years because he creates a workout program for us that is balanced, challenging, and varied. Jon knows how to motivate us in a positive way by encouraging us to challenge ourselves to move beyond our comfort level to become stronger. He tailors the workout for each of us to accommodate for injury, or skill level difference. He has the knowledge, through his many years as a professional athlete and through studies afterwards, to maximize our personal goals. Whether you're looking for a personal trainer, a group work out, or athletic training, Jon Pendano at Pendano Elite Fitness is the Eastside's premier choice.

- Julie Carper

I began training at Pendano Elite Fitness in February of 2011. From the first few sessions I could feel Jon Pendano's welcoming and driven personality. Not only did I began to see immediate improvements in my agility and speed, but my mental attributes and composure on the field started becoming sharper as well. Jon guided me on the physical aspects of my game, but also trained my mind to withstand any pressure or obstacle that I would face on and off of the field. In working with Jon I made the Division One soccer team in the most prestigious league in the Washington that I had been dreaming about for years. In 2010 I fractured my hip, which was a huge injury. I came to Jon desperate for help, and every session he had a new exercise for me to take home and perform. Thanks to Jon, my injury recovery time was minimal compared to what it could have been. No physical therapist I had seen gave me the amount of time and special care that Pendano Elite Fitness did. The atmosphere of Pendano Elite Fitness is a caring and inspirational place to workout at, with Jon challenging athletes' minds and performances each step of the way. I can honestly say working out at Pendano Elite Fitness for the past three years has made an amazing impact in all parts of my life.

- Sawyer Stewart

I have been working with Jon at Pendano Elite Fitness for approximately a year and a half. My son is the one who originally started going to his training sessions for kids (he still happily goes there two to three times per week), so when I had foot pain I decided to see what Jon could do rather than use orthotics or surgery. I also developed some back issues and hamstring issues. Working with injuries is a strength that Jon possesses. I know he researches and educates himself in order to provide a personal training plan needed to safely workout in ways that will address the proper body alignment and core strengthening needed to recover and move my fitness level forward. I can now say that I have little foot or back pain and I attribute this to my time working with Jon. It has been a slow process but like he tells me "trust in the process"!! The hamstring challenge remains but we are working on that too. I am a middle aged woman with little athletic ability (and little motivation to do anything on my own) but feel much more capable now than I did when I started. He has added more "boot camp" activities because I made the mistake of asking for that. Ha!! I work with a group of three women whose company I enjoy in addition to Jon's. They all make it a place that I want to go to, I rarely miss a session! Bottom line is that Jon is smart, personable, addresses MY fitness needs and has made a real difference to both me and my son. Now my husband is starting too. Jon now has the whole family on board to meet our goals!

- Wendi Bogaard